ceramic tile

What is the Tile ?

The word tile is derived from a French word called “Tuile”, which itself is also derived from the Latin word called “tegula”, which means roof tile that is made from baked clay

In fact, the tile is a building material in the form of square or rectangle which are made from rigid materials such as stone, metal, glass, etc. to cover the roof, Floors, walls and in some places, those are used as decorative item

Tiles have simple squares to more complex vary forms

What do you know about tile history ?

The production of first tiles dates back to ancient times, including Egyptians, Babylonians and Assyrians. For example, if you have already considered the ancient Egyptian monuments, dating back to more than 2,600 years, you will find that small colored tiles have been used on their facades

Several years later, almost in the beginning twentieth century, with the invention of a tunnel-shaped furnace, which connected approximately 1910 robots for tile production planning, mass-produced tiles were manufactured industrially for the first time, and after that, the production of various tiles began in most of the major European and US countries, that today’s tile production is carried out in most communities automatically

The name of the tile was selected in the Kashan city for the first time, which was renowned as the center of pottery industry since the beginning of Islam

Do you know the types of tiles ?

Tiles have different types that are used in your space (residential, commercial, shop, building facade, etc.). Types of tiles include:
Stone tile
Mosaic tile
Ceramic tile
Porcelain tile
Vitrail tiles
Glazed tiles
Sanitary tiles (WC or toilets and bathroom amenities, such as washbasins or sink, toilet bowls, toilets, tubs, etc.)
Mineral tile
3rd fire tile
Ceiling acoustic tile
Glass tile
Decorative tiles and colored bricks
Anti-acid tile

Advantages and Disadvantages of tiles

Choosing a covering for wall or floor is a hard decision, so we explain some of advantages and disadvantages of tiles which help you choose a best item

Advantages of tiles

Tiles are eco-friendly

Tile is member of green goods and recycled due to is made of natural and mineral materials like glass, clay, gravel, grit etc. and combine with other recovery materials

Tile factories don’t use chemical and harmful materials in producing process unlike the other floor and wall covering. As instance for making parquet and laminate are cut a lot of trees and are used other chemical materials in producing process

Other advantages of natural materials in producing tile

you feel nature. (specially with stone tiles)

it doesn’t cause allergies

it is recycled and is used for producing new tiles and ceramic tiles

Tiles don’t need to care

Tiles are dense and impenetrable versus gas, massy or solid and liquid materials because the tile dough is pressed and baked. In conclusion you can clean them with a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth, also tiles don’t absorb smell even if you use a tile for 50 years continually

You become tired from the persistence of tiles

Tiles have different types and different resistance, but tiles have high durability rather than other floor covering like parquet, laminate and other wall covering like wall paper, color, plaster, PVC products etc

Tiles have resistance against the penetration of insects, water and moisture. so you can mount the tile and will use it for 30 years and it doesn’t need to change. Unless it has damaged by a rigid object which you can change exactly the damaged tile with the help of experts in the field of mounting tile

Tile is mounted quickly and easily

A combining cement mortal is prepared in mortar tub for mounting tiles and is used as a tile glue for sticking tiles on the wall or ground and filling out the seam between the tiles which have not been rectified

In recent years, several types of industrial adhesives powder or liquid have been manufactured to make the tile mounting so easy which you can use them in the process of house renovation and sticking new tiles on the old tiles

Tiles are mounted on the types of surfaces

The types of tiles specially mosaic tiles are mounted with a simple substructure on the all surfaces like cement, plaster etc

The variety of tiles confuse people

Todays the types of tiles in the kinds of colors, designs, dimension, shapes and various patterns (porcelain, stony, ceramic, clay etc.) enter to the market and with considering their advantages are more popular than other floor covering like parquet and laminate and are known as a best floor covering

Tiles are economical

You can choose the tiles when you decide to change your decoration or covering, because you can have a satisfactory selection with a suitable price

Also, the price of mounting tile is so fair and maintenance of tiles don’t have much cost

But if you use stony tile for covering your floor, they need to exfoliate every 10 years

Disadvantages of tiles

Tiles have some disadvantages in addition to advantages above which we point to some of them

Tiles are not soundproof

Tiles are not soundproof and this is a foible but for solving this problem insulate the floor by substructure and using acoustic cork

Also, using carpet help to reducing this problem

Tiles are slippery

Some of tiles which has a glossy surfaces are slippery, specially when there as a little water on them. This issue is too much in the glossy ceramic tiles or full polish porcelain tile

The tiles of your floor are always cold

The kinds of ceramic tiles are suitable objects for waking you up in winter

Tiles are a good conductor for heat and cold so the floor of your house is cold in the winter. of course, this feature is same in the summer but is an advantage for some ones

People set the temperature of the room by helping technology (cooling and heating system) in some areas and solve the freezing of floor

Tiles are jealous

You can’t use the other building materials like wall paper, color etc. next to the tiles

Of course, People sometimes use some small and decorative tiles on a special wall for instance walls behind or next to the television. But tiles are use on the wall or floor alone

Tiles are brickle or fragile

Most of the tiles are brickle and are damaged by various objects

The resistance of the tiles depends on their mounting quality and tile can be broken if don’t pay attention to the main points of mounting. If you use the marble and full polish tiles, you should know that they are very sensitives and will be scratchy very fast. Of course, you can seal up them with wax

Some of tiles are very expensive

Some of the tiles are very expensive like 3rd fire and decorative tiles, slabs, porcelain tiles and stony tiles

This kind of tiles are used in a special and luxury spaces like hotel lobby, towers etc

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